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What up, Homies…

This is a place for me to share the random shit I would typically send to the homies via a text message or maybe in Slack. Very informal.

I have multiple homie text groups, and sometimes, I just want to share some shit I think is interesting, funny, or useful in life. It’s also acting as an archive, of these things, for me.

Stuff like cool products, interesting shows, art, investment stuff, business crap I’m interested in, or even setting up a living trust kinda crap that we were never taught.

It might be once a day or more, maybe 1 per week. Hopefully, no less than that, but my track record is shitty. However, that’s also why I’m keeping the bar low for myself.

I would love dialogue. Hit me up in the comments.

🖤 -Steve

One response to “What up, Homies…”

  1. I like cool stuff. Give me cool stuff.

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